We’ve gathered the very best iPhone and iPad apps for kids: a world of education, creativity and (of course) fun awaits your babies and children with these great iOS apps.

Put a child in the same room as an iPad or an iPhone and they will instinctively reach for it. Perhaps it’s the bright colours and the feel of using a touchscreen; the simplicity of the iOS interface also plays a part. But kids love messing with smartphones and tablets. (Although that does raise another question: are iPads safe for young children?) Here, we bring you our pick of the best kids apps.

Mobile devices can do a great job entertaining and educating your offspring (but remember to protect it with a kid-friendly case and protect them using parental controls). But not all apps are created equal. Some are expensive to buy or contain in-app purchases designed to tempt unwary kids. Others aren’t appropriate for youngsters.

Free gems Clash Royale 2018 is an app that promises to increase your wealth in Clash Royale by giving you as many gems and coins as you want.

The way Free Gems for Clash Royale 2018 works is pretty simple: when you open the app, you’ll see three sections you need to fill in with information. In the first, you need to enter your Clash Royale username to make sure you send the gems and coins to the right account; in the second, you enter how many gems you want; and in the third, you enter how many coins you want.