A review of the app Insta face changer Pro – Testing Apps

App Insta face changer Pro is designed to impose on personal photos or photos of friends animal faces. This is done solely for fun, sometimes to emphasize the certain similarity of appearance of a person with a cat or a tiger or any other animal.

How does it work?

At the entrance, you must upload a photo with a human face using the Add button.

Next, from the list of animals choose the one that You like and put it on your photo.

Moving virtual panel you can adjust the blend level from minimal to full (leaving only the human body).

Attention! Often, users inadvertently complain that in the program there is no button to save a photo. This is not so, this button here is it is called Save. Clicking on it can save the resulting photo to the phone in the Images folder.

It is now possible to share a picture to your favorite social network.

With the help of a program Insta, you can insert only the eyes of animals or chin or insert the eyes and eyebrows. To do this, the developers have equipped the applicant with the special templates that help you instantly see the result, for example by choosing the eye of the tiger by clicking the appropriate icon.

Features of Insta face

The program allows you to choose to overlay an animal from 50 different species: dogs, mice, lions, cats, tigers, raccoons, pandas, etc.

Types blend of all six.

To created the picture you can make a short and colorful description by using built-in tools.

  • The news editing process based on the tap and movements with two fingers on the screen of the smartphone.
  • To share the obtained mixture can be directly from the app to social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and mail.
  • Connects to the camera, so you can take photos directly from the program.
  • The obtained image can be used as Wallpaper on the phone.

Why use the app?

Usually, it is used in order to lift the spirits of friends or to attract subscribers, having uploaded some similar photos on his page. Although sometimes get a serious photo when applying only the eyes.

Additional features

  • Last update published 16 June 2016.
  • For installation, you will need 15 MB of free space.
  • For normal operation, it is recommended that the version of Android higher than 4.0.
  • Age limit +3.
  • Developers by smart world, official mail here


Insta face changer Pro — comic program for blending faces favorite animals. The program cannot be considered to be designer, although it features serious tools for smooth alignment. So even if the dimensions are not suitable, it can be corrected.

App popular users on Google Play have already downloaded here more than 5 million. copies.