A review of the game Zuma Legend — Marble Legend – Testing Apps

“Marble Legend” — a game in which you must shoot and destroy the consecutive balls of different colors, so that they do not fall in the hole. Shooting is carried out using a toadthat spits balls of different colors.

The level is passed, if it was destroyed all the balls.

The rules of the game

Zuma is a maze of circles which are slowly moving balls of different colors. If the shooting was staged 3 or more balls of the same color in a row, they disappear delaying the reverse rotation.

It is impossible to pass to the next level without passing the previous one and the higher the level, the faster the rotation and more difficult to destroy all the balls.

Help the player

Because it ‘s not always easy to pass the level, have the opportunity to receive a bonus to the game and to get it faster — in this bonus are balls with defined icons:

Balloon arrow: in the explosion, briefly roll back the chain back.

Around: destroy the balls located at a distance of 5 cm.

A pause: stops the traffic and helps to shoot better.

Target: allows the frog to shoot more accurately and onesheet her beam.

Sometimes the playing field appears behind the rotating coin, if it has to get the ball, then the Treasury replenished with a decent amount of virtual gold, at the same time on the game decreases. Advanced players suggest to shoot down these coins, because of the accumulated gold will get an extra life.

Zoom — a unique development or a rip-off

Game developers accused of plagiarism Japanese developer Mitchell Corporacion: he believes that the Creator of the game violated the rights of his creation Puzz Loop. However, the developer confirms that Zuma is not an exact copy of his game, and established as a development of thought.

What can you play Zuma?

At present the game is common not only to all types of operating systems: Mac os, Windows, Android, ios, windows phone, but there is also a network edition and thousands of entry clones.


After the updates the game has received 20 levels, this fact attracted the attention of many users, especially liked the news to those who have already went through the whole game and would like to pass a more challenging level.

Additional features

  • Last update published on 25 February 2015 g.
  • To install need at least 20 MB of free space.
  • For a normal game recommended Android 2.3.
  • Developer Easygame7, feedback here.
  • Age limit +3: younger children simply do not perceive the game.
  • When you install the program requires permissions to the phone memory, multimedia files, network connections.


Zuma Legendis a popular game that helps to relax and good rest, also can be used for educational purposes (to teach children to quickly distinguish colors). At the moment the game is multi-platform and distributed for free. However, all rights in the software code is protected and any tampering with it is punishable by law.