English for beginners — science is fun! – Testing Apps

Before us is another application that allows you to learn the language. Many of you probably know that GRE Flashcards is the reverse side of the coin. Therefore, presented below is a simple Glossary for those just starting their adventure with the language of Shakespeare or the world just want to practice and enrich vocabulary. Using simple procedures, of game elements and interesting task, the application has a chance to stay in your Android devices long enough.

Google Play: average rating of 4.2; the quasi-free

A seemingly simple dictionary

If you think that the program will allow you to explore the secrets of the English language from A to z, sorry, should immediately to disappoint you. English for beginners devoid of any content associated with the grammar. All of the programs is the vocabulary, which is divided into fifty categories. We can find among them factories, garments, fruits, musical instruments, tools, verbs or words associated with beaches or other countries.

Design worth attention

The process of education here as affordable as possible. Opening one of the categories user encounters a set of pictures depicting the word in question — the bottom is a place for transcription, and the speaker icon allows you to launch an audio file with correct pronunciation. By default, it starts automatically from the moment of opening a new image.

Features and a small drawback

After acquaintance with all the items in a category, you can move on to the quiz. It should only associate words with images. The result depends on how many points are in the form of gold coins you can get at the end. It’s worth a try since coins are used as currency, for which you can purchase access to the next set of words. If you could not pass it the first time, you need to repeat the competition to earn a little extra money and more points.

But what to do when the repetition of the same set of materials begins terrible bore? In this case, a virtual wallet can be recharged in the framework of microtransactions. Honestly, I don’t know if this is the best way that the developers are trying to encourage us to repeat lessons. I believe that in many cases should be encouraged to play because, after some time, the app just starts to demotivate and annoy potential students.


English for beginners from a purely technical point of view is a very interesting tool to improve their own efficiency. Professional VoiceOver, impeccable design and interesting approach to the topic is combined in a perfect way. However, I fear that after some time after repeating the same lessons for earning coins, you can go out of balance. The program is available for free on Google Play.