Review game Fruit Ninja Free – Testing Apps

Game Fruit Ninja Free — the updated version where you need to cut constantly appear on the screen fruits. In the update added 6 new game modes, revamped the rules, changed the gameplay, there are new characters.

The game is available for both new users will need to download and install it from Google Play here. Old players can simply update your version and enjoy.

How to play secrets

Fruit Ninja is found preinstalled on various Android devices, so among users, there is an opinion that the game is trivial, not too complex in order to win.

As practice shows, the beginner should know some things and to acquire skill and to be careful not to cut suddenly appeared on the screen bombs.

It seems that the same slice their fruit, earn points and win. But if you don’t know which is faster to cut the fruit in a circular motion without lifting them from the screen, then win will not succeed.

During the game have aides — freezing fruits: they slow down the fruit and allow you to cut them more slowly, not to fall for the trap.

Interface and game modes

The game interface is simple, but at the same time colorful: when cutting the fruit splashes juice on the screen so that is associated with the real fruit.

Player can choose single player to play against the program, but can also fight with a friend or even participate in the tournament.

Yes, as if not surprised, at Fruit Ninja hosts the world tournament, where the winners win real prizes.

New skills for the game

The player can get as a reward “Bouncing clouds” or “Swirling tornado”, which encouraged them not to drop the fruits and get them to cut.

Additionally, in the game it is possible to pick up a gear: to use a cutting sword or axe, experimenting with different tools will allow you to win a game of any complexity.

New characters

The game has added characters: Katsuro and Mari, they are guides and player conduct at all levels, starting with the simplest level to the level of a professional fighter.

In-app purchases

The game contains a shop to purchase options, but those who is not going to spend money, you can remove ads from the application settings.

The results of the updates

The game became less lag, many bugs fixed, the developers ask users to leave feedback about the new version.

Additional features

  • To install need at least 168 MB of free space.
  • Although on the Google Play listed recorded 500 million downloads, according to statistics developers players already more than 1 billion
  • For normal game need a version of Android below 4.0.3.


Fruit Ninja game is a universal way to relax on the road or in a break at work. All you need to do in the game, it cut constantly appearing on the screen fruit. To optimize, you can use freezing, stopping clouds, as well as to change cutting tools.

If You feel that began to play professionally, you can try your hand at the tournament, calling a friend, but it needs network access.