Review of the game “100 doors world of history” – Testing Apps

To 100 doors world of history 100 challenging but very interesting puzzles for Android. The essence of the game is to solve the problem visually: for example to dress a virtual character and if done right go through the next door. If the job is not performed correctly, then the door will not open.


When you first log into the app before the user appears four virtual buttons: “Play”, “Levels”, “Rate us”, “Exit”. Accordingly the names, You can start the game, try to pass an individual level, to rate the app or exit.

About that task?

All tasks, starting with the first door represent any historical events or famous monuments. Despite the fact that jobs are not simple, they are invented in such a way that even a child could eventually guess and pass them.

Historical epochs are presented from the sphinxes and pharaohs, before the events of the middle ages. Thus the game combines the puzzle game with the quest that cannot attract a huge audience of fans.

What to do if you can’t get through the door?

As soon as the game gained popularity, a lot of disgruntled players who think some levels are difficult, and simply can not get past it. To help the players collected the answers to some puzzles and created a special website(in order to pry and move on).

However, the developers strongly recommend the use of ready-made answers, otherwise, it becomes not fun to play.

Additional features

  • To install the game will require at least 42 MB of free space.
  • For stable operation, you can use the Android version 2.3
  • The developers of the OAS Developer’s official page here.
  • Age limit +3.
  • After you install a program needs your permission to telephone, network connections, device calls.

What’s new in the update?

  • Bugs fixed in version 2.2, now the game does not lag.
  • Added support for 32 bit architecture of the game.
  • The developers have created based on this new version part 2 of the game, which presents a fresh puzzle: those who passed all the doors but wants to continue playing.

User reviews

People leave mostly positive reviews, as the puzzles are very interesting. There are a lot of complaints that for example, the player can not pass some levels, while others pass the entire game in 2 minutes.

The developers offer advanced players to pass the second part of the game, but add that there is not all 100 levels and they will appear with new updates.


“100 doors world of history” is a popular game which does not need an Internet connection as all the data are installed locally on the smartphone along with the apk file. At the moment there are many implementations of the game, although this version is far more popular, as there is in the English and Russian versions.