Review of the game “True or false” – Apps Testing

“True or false” is a game written for Android in the style of the quiz: one or multiple players are required to answer the question of confirming its veracity as approving or rejecting such a response.

The game levels are implemented in the form of a map of questions: answering the question the player is going for it. In the multiplayer version of the game, the winner is the one who first passed along the route path.


When you first enter the game, appears a simple menu where the choice is given the option of a single game or a game for two, three and four players. When selecting a game in the single player mode you can go for the option of”survival” or “Test”.

If you choose the multiplayer option, screen share, respectively for 2, 3, 4 parts where conveniently duplicated questions for each fighting player.

Be sure to take into account the speed with which said the player and it adds the winning balls.

The question displayed in the middle of the screen if it is a single game under it are two buttons, “True”, “False” (respectively false-colored red, and true green).

Given the time during which the player needs to have time to answer the question otherwise, the level will be undone.

If a two-player game, the screens are divided into two parts so that the question was displayed on both sides and was comfortable to play.

For four players location will also change for convenience (two players on one side, two on the other).

At the top of the game displays the time and points scored by a player.

And although the issues are the same, the number of cards equal to the number of players. The map is displayed in the form of a closed path along which are marked the spots with questions (in the form of locks). If the player gives the correct answer padlock disappears.

After You have given the correct answer, you can evaluate the issue.

What did the game offer?

  • The player learns many interesting facts.
  • You can select subject matters of the presented seven categories (History, Art, Geography, Sports, Nature, Science, Etc.).
  • To try to respond to survival or to complete 60 trials.
  • You can add your own questions.
  • Excellent sound effects and graphics display menu.
  • Effective table.


The game helps to develop children starting from the age of three: every time a child answers a question, he may not know the answer, but automatically remembers the correct answer.

Parents the game will help you remember some interesting facts below then come and explain to the child why the answer is this.


The game “True or false” is one of the thousands of modifications eponymous television quiz. For questions use a wide range of knowledge, so the game can be considered a training of attention, memory, and mind.